Our Staff

Special interests of staff employed at the Kingston Animal Hospital:


Dr Chris Lee - surgery, alpacas and ultrasounds.
Dr Mark Hynes - small animal medicine and surgery
Dr Marta Brysha -small animal medicine and surgery
Dr Carolyn Warburton- large animals
Dr Sarah Hawe


Pip - Head Veterinary Nurse (qualified certificate 4)
Shontelle (qualified certificate 4)
Karen (qualified certificate 4)
Jess, Pauline and Lorena - assist veterinarians in the treatment and care of animals needing medical and\or surgical attention, caring for animals, surgery, nursing, dietary and nutritional advisers, and have completed certificate three in animal studies.

Hospital Administrator

Cathy - is charged with the responsibilities of managing the business activities. She is the coordinator of all business functions and is the supervising agent of all the hospitals services and personnel.

Office Administrator

Tracey - public relations, office duties, management skills, occupational health and safety.


Fiona- is responsible for maintaining the front reception, it is her goal to be sure all clients\patients are treated with the utmost respect and is sympathetic with a desire to meet their needs.

The staff pride themselves in their ability to work as a team in providing professional, expert care for their clients and most importantly their patients.